ZIS Alumnus and Mom to Live Abroad

Sonya and Shelton

ZIS Class of 2015 alumnus, Shelton Bob, and his mom, Sonya, are headed out for an international adventure!

Sonya has been invited to teach at the Hangzhou International School in China. They will live there for the next few years.

Shelton says that his immersion education at Zarrow International School prepared him for this experience in that it helped him, “understand that different countries have different ways of living. Be willing to learn and be acceptable of others and their way of life.”

Sonya feels like her experience as a ZIS parent prepared her for the opportunity by, “having a child that has the confidence to take on new adventures and blossom to make it their own. I always encourage my children to explore new places. Having a dual language student opens the door to much more. I want him to have an appreciation for our country and not be afraid to venture out into the world.”

Friends new and old are invited to contact Shelton or Sonya via e-mail or Skype at 2reachteach@gmail.com. They say, “We would love to hear from anyone at anytime.”

Learn more about Hangzhou here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdUYdHc9V-o