Zarrow International School


Zarrow International School is a public magnet school in the Tulsa Public School system. Students who attend ZIS participate in Spanish immersion. Students start the full-day kindergarten program with the curriculum taught completely in Spanish, with the exception of one 45-minute daily period for PE, art, or music. This full immersion approach continues until the mid-point of second grade, at which time English reading/language arts is introduced into the curriculum for about an hour each day. The English portion of the curriculum is gradually increased in third grade, and reaches a 50/50 balance in grade five. During that last year, some students are selected to participate in an academic exchange program with schools located in Costa Rica or Spain. Students may choose to continue the process with an advanced foreign language class at the middle school level.

The school is named after Mr. Henry Zarrow, a life-long Tulsan and philanthropist. The Anne and Henry Zarrow Family Foundation have provided significant support for many nonprofit organizations, with special interest in children’s issues, the homeless, and the poor. Their support continues to allow Foundation to maintain appropriate staffing levels in every classroom, allowing our immersion program to thrive!

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