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  • Attend a Foundation meeting:

10/6/16 – Evening (location, TBD)

11/3/16 – @ ZIS in Kellito’s office – 11:30-12:30

12/1/16- Evening – 6-7:30

1/5/17 – @ ZIS -11:30-12:30

2/2/17- Evening – 6-7:30

3/2/17 – @ ZIS – 11:30-12:30

1/6/17 – Evening – 6-7:30

5/4/17 – @ ZIS- 11:30-12:30

  • Support any of the ongoing fundraising efforts of the Foundation.
  • Your donation allows us to keep a assistant teachers in every classroom!
  • Contact us to find out how you can volunteer with the Foundation.
    Contact Vanessa McLearen, VP of Development at or Jodi Jayne, VP of Community Awareness at for more information.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT of the S.O.S. Family Fund Drive!


Alicia and Tim Ford

Allyson and Brian Sparks

Amie Kulchinki

Ana Barajas

April Sparks

Cassidy Tucker

Celeste Franklin

Christine Brasel

Chuck Zoellner

Cindy and Steven Tucker

Colleen Almeida Smith

Damon Savage

David Kobel

Dawn Murphy-Williams

Di and Bob Renkes

Erica and Arnie Murillo

Glenn and Julie Anderson

Hazel Trimble

Hether Cuervo

Jenni Plaster

Jennifer Greb and John Whitlock

Jenny Lizama

Jessica and Ben Fu

Joey and Whittney Stauffer

Jonathan Arnold Insurance

Kerri Vandiver

Mandy Johnston

Margarita Vega

Phaedra Shipley

Rob and Abby Rodgers

Sandy Vasquez

Sarah Jackson

Scott and Caryn Brown

Shameka Smittick

Shawn Tiemann and Lorena Rivas

Sherry Whitley

The Bendure Family

The Bryan Family

The Calhoun Family

The Cornelius Family

The Cowan Family

The Crissup Family

The Cross Family

The Dalton Family

The Darby Family

The Edwards Family

The Fisher Family

The Franzen Family

The Holder Family

The Huckaby Family

The Hughes Family

The Jacobs Family

The Jayne Family

The Jungers Family

The Kennedy Family

The Knapp Family

The Lipe Family

The Lloyd Family

The Matulis Family

The Maxwell Family

The McLearen Family/Tulsa Family Insurance

The Nelson Family

The Pennington Family

The Remke Family

The Saldivar Family

The Seikel Family

The Shewey Family

The Simpson Family

The Tracy Family

The Wagner Fammily

The Walker Family

The Wester Family

The Woolley Family

The Zagorodny Family

Tim Doty

Timothy and Raquel Potter

Trang Kieu

Zach and Brooke Marble

Zoey Giltner’s Grandparents