The Henry Zarrow International School (HZIS) Education Foundation was granted 501(c)(3) status in February 2008. School foundations are effective ways to help public education expand its funding base. In addition, some types of donations, such as matching gifts, must go to a 501(c) (3) organization. Since 2008, the following projects have been implemented:

Spring 2009 facilitated the creation of a long-range plan for the exterior grounds of the Henry Zarrow International School. The three year plan is called PLAN IT ZARROW.

• Library Funding
2008-2009 completed a successful capital campaign to raise $125,000 to supplement monies provided by a Tulsa Public Schools 2005 bond. The library opened in the fall of 2009 in a new building with updated systems.

• Security System
Summer 2008 provided funding for a security system for the school including cameras and magnetic doors.

• Reading Street Curriculum
Fall 2010, the PTA and Foundation provided funding for the Tulsa Public School comprehensive reading program. The program includes: Spanish workbooks for K-2nd grade; Spanish and English workbooks for 3rd–5th grades. This program also includes online access for teachers, students and parents for additional resources.  The HZIS Foundation is committed to providing support for the San Luis Postosí Mexico Exchange Program. In addition, a 5th Grade Memory Book is supplied to all graduating students free of charge. This book includes photos and essays from each fifth-grader and serves as a memento and celebration of their years at Henry Zarrow International School.

There are many great opportunities to be active in the Foundation and support the Henry Zarrow International School’s Spanish language immersion program:

• Join the Foundation as a lifetime member or an annual membership.
• Attend the Foundation’s monthly meetings and/or the annual meeting held each spring at Henry Zarrow International School.
• Be active on a Foundation committee. Committees include: Finance, Grant writing, Corporate Sponsor development, Fundraising, Capital Enhancements Planning such as Plan It Zarrow and Membership.
• Support the Fall and Summer fundraisers with your attendance and participation.

PLAN IT ZARROW is a comprehensive capital improvement plan that prioritizes how funds raised will be used to enhance our wonderful school. PLAN IT ZARROW is a joint partnership between the HZIS
Education Foundation, Zarrow PTA, and school staff, students and their families. The plan is split into three phases that include: enhancements to the running track, multiple outdoor classrooms, soccer goals, a basketball court and a baseball field among many other items.

The committee includes representatives from the HZIS Foundation and PTA as well as Zarrow school staff with input from Tulsa Public Schools. Committee meeting dates will be announced as they are scheduled.
The Henry Zarrow International School Education Foundation is responsible for providing leadership and funding for the execution of the plan.

For more information about PLAN IT ZARROW contact:
Rockie Anderson at 918-694-1546 or