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For more than a decade, families have enrolled their children in Zarrow International School with a long-term goal in mind: producing a bilingual, bi-literate, and a global-citizen child in six years. It’s an amazing program and continues to be one of the most coveted educational experiences in Tulsa.

The school has expanded to accommodate increased demand, and this tremendous opportunity is afforded to 90 new kids every year from all over the Tulsa school district and supports around 500+ students annually.

A few years ago, major state funding cuts affected teacher staffing at Zarrow. Concerned parents stepped in via the PTA and Foundation to bridge the gap by allocating funds for teacher salaries, ensuring that a native-speaking assistant teacher remained in every classroom. Sadly, the gap continues to widen, and the outlook for state funding and teacher retention is bleak.

The Foundation’s primary mission is to maintain appropriate staffing levels in all grades, allowing our immersion program to thrive.

We provide support by fundraising primarily for assistant teacher salaries and need-based scholarships for fifth-graders at Zarrow who want to participate in the exchange programs with Spain and Costa Rica. Other things that we are continuous advocates and providers for are: resourced classrooms, advanced curriculum, a positive culture/climate for all students, families, and staff, the Amity Institute Internship program, and preserving cultural and educational learning experiencing for our future generation.

Foundation is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

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